Free Download Guitar 3D – Basic Chords  APK

Free Download Guitar 3D – Basic Chords APK

Description of Guitar 3D - Basic Chords

Free of charge Download Guitar 3D – Basic Chords APK New Update

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★Learn chords strums and arpeggios in 3D very easily with an amazing graphic detail. THIS IS NOT A GUITAR GAME!
★Feel like a real guitar teacher is in front of you!
★Train yourself! Observe correct hand and finger movements in 3D.
★Learn how to play guitar in a very short time with quizes and composing your own music!

This app is just for guitar education from the creators of Guitar 3D – Final Guitar to guitar lovers who have trouble finding a real guitar teacher in their location.

Hard to learn guitar chords with photos or videos? Need to see the finger positions from different angles?… Then come and enjoy learning basic guitar chords with real-time 3D interactivity. Observe the correct finger movements between chord changes.
All animations and real guitar audio samplings are made with academic musicians.

★Features of Guitar 3D Basic Chords trainer:

✓ No ads!
✓ 3D Camera to observe finger positions (fingerings) from different views.
✓ 3D Hand and fingers to demonstrate correct positions on guitar.
✓ Finger transitions between chord changes (chord progressions).
✓ Strum patterns and strumming animations.
✓ Arpeggios patterns (finger style) and p-i-m-a animations.
✓ Left Hand option for 3D view & also for chord charts.
✓ Option to change chord names to A-B-C-D etc or La – Si/Ti – Do – Re etc.
✓ Lessons and Quizzes for guitar chords.
✓ Guitar chords on staff.
✓ Guitar chords on chart.
✓ Basic and common guitar chords for beginners.
✓ Bar (barre) chords.
✓ Example chord progressions.
✓ Save & Load your chord progressions.
✓ Real guitar samples for each chord.
✓ Guide for strumming & arpeggios patterns
✓ Speed control
✓ Auto play & loop
✓ Timeline for chord chains

★ Basic chords demonstrated on guitar

✓ Am (A min, A minor, La minor)
✓ A (A maj, A major, La major)
✓ A7 (A Dominant Seventh, La Dominant Seventh)
✓ B7 (B Dominant Seventh, Si Dominant Seventh)
✓ C (C maj, C Major, Do Major)
✓ C7 (C Dominant Seventh, Do Dominant Seventh)
✓ Dm (D min, D minor, Re minor)
✓ D (D maj, D major, Re major)
✓ D7 (D Dominant Seventh, Re Dominant Seventh)
✓ Em (E min, E minor, Mi minor)
✓ E (E maj, E major, Mi major)
✓ E7 (E Dominant Seventh, Mi Dominant Seventh)
✓ F (F maj, F major, Fa major)
✓ G (G maj, G major, Sol major)
✓ G7 (G Dominant Seventh, Sol Dominant Seventh)

★ In All Keys
✓ Major Chords
✓ Minor Chords
✓ Seventh Chords
✓ Major Seventh Chords
✓ Minor Seventh Chords
✓ Sus4 Chords
✓ Sus2 Chords
✓ 7sus4 Chords

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App Information of Guitar 3D - Basic Chords

App Name Guitar 3D - Basic Chords
Package Name com.polygonium.basicchords
Rating 10.0 ( 10465 )
Size 28.9 MB
Requirement Android 2.3.2+
Installs 500,000+